How to make your favorite pizza tastier and healthier

Pizza is loved by many around the planet. There are different varieties of pizza – some are healthier and tastier than others. Like, fresh pizza is a healthier option in comparison to frozen pizza as the former contains less processed ingredients. Though the food is rich in carbs and sodium, you can make your portion a bit tastier and healthier.

Though pizza is high in fat, sodium, and carbs, those made with whole ingredients can be a great choice. Traditional pizza is made with flour, water, yeast, oil, salt, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. By using these ingredients in a lesser quantity, it can be made healthy. You can also boost the nutritional values of your gourmet pizzas in Mansfield MA by adding good toppings like fresh vegetables and protein sources like freshly grilled chicken.

  • Some pizza companies use gluten-free crusts along with healthy toppings like herbs and vegetables.
  • Choose pizza that contains whole ingredients.
  • Check over your portion. Overeating is never good. It can contribute to unnecessary weight gain. Whether you consume a pre-made slice or fresh pizza, practicing quantity control is a good way to avoid taking excess calories.
  • Avoid pre-made pizza that often contains corn syrup, artificial colors, processed meats added sugar, and preservatives.
  • Avoid crust mixes.
  • Choose a takeout pizza from a pizza restaurant in Mansfield MA, with fresh or cooked vegetables to boost your vitamin, fiber, mineral, and antioxidant intake.
  • Choose a sauce that doesn’t contain added sugar or preservatives.
  • Get rid of processed meats like bacon; choose fresh source of protein like grilled chicken.
  • Don’t choose high-calorie options; better you order for thin crust pizza over stuffed options. It will keep carb and calorie intake in control.
  • While cutting the pizza, avoid super-sized portions.
  • Try out grain-based recipes using cauliflower, portabella mushrooms, or quinoa.

Pizza is not only yummy but also a healthy meal if you put it into the preparation. Though the fast-food varieties are often high in fat, sodium, calories, or other unhealthy ingredients, you may dinner order in Mansfield MA for healthier options. Portion control, use of limited ingredients, and addition of healthy toppings can make your favorite pizza a healthy snack.