Why is Italian pizza so famous?

Pizza was invented in Italy. It is the main food in the Italian culture. Pizza and Italy are closely associated. It is said that pizza was originally invented in Naples, centuries back. The descendants of that pristine recipe are still available today. The only difference is its variations. People make their own variations as per their palate. Italian immigrants are found in every part of the planet. And that is the reason that Italian pizza is so popular all over the world. But not only because of the Italian immigrants, Italian style pizza in Mansfield MA is popular for many other reasons.

The key reason behind the popularity of Italian pizza is its idiosyncratic taste. You can eat pizza as a starter, staple and even dessert! Gourmet pizza Mansfield MA has too many variations that taste different. Irrespective of your taste choice, you’ll surely find one that can indulge your taste buds. The distinct combination of spices, tomato, and cheese on the crust makes it different. The taste of pure Italian pizzas is unalike due to many reasons. Let’s check out.

  • Oven story – Italian pizzas are made typically in stone and concrete wood-burning oven to ensure that the pizza pitas are cooked at a very high temperature. High heat is needed because it helps the bread rise by steam creation that expands the air pockets of the bread. Also, it gives the crust of delicious pizzas in Mansfield MA a beautiful golden-yellow color.
  • Cheese – Usually mozzarella cheese is used in pizzas. However, parmesan or provolone is also used sometimes. The latter variations are sometimes sprinkled with pure mozzarella. But parmesan is never used alone because of its excessive saltiness. In the case of Italian pizzas, the cheese blend is added only after the tomato sauce is spread throughout. This keeps the crust crispy and soft which pizza lovers love the most. Savor the slice of yummy pizzas in Mansfiled MA .
  • Tomato sauce – We all know that this is an indispensable ingredient. However, unlike any pizza, Italian pizzas contain sauce from the San Marzano tomatoes which are the gold standard for pizza tomato sauce due to its acid content. Apart from tomato sauce, toppings of other sauces like arugula pesto or alfredo sauce are also sometimes used in the Italian style pizza in Mansfield MA.
  • The base – The base is the best part of an Italian pizza. The crust is typically made with wheat flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and water. The specialty of Italian pizza dough is that it is kneaded until it develops gluten strands like a web. Sometimes, sugar is also added to the dough for additional flavor and cornmeal is added for crispiness. You’ll get such pizzas in a leading pizza restaurant in Mansfield MA.

If you ever have tried original Italian pizza, chances are high that you won’t forget its taste. Irrespective of the type of pizza you’ve eaten, it tastes completely different than other kinds of pizza. Italian pizzas are baked with a great passion for flavor and detailing – they are associated with each other. And, that is the reason, Italian pizzas are world-famous.